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Air Fryer ? - madmax - 12-01-2016

Hi All,

I'm really intrigued by what I've seen on TV about this thing. Does anybody on here have one, thinking about getting one or any info on this lil jewel.  Also the pricing I've seen them for as low as $85.00 to $249.00??

It's not that I'm all into fried foods all the time (well I am but I don't) The am show today was doing recipes from this cookbook called "Air Fry Everything" by Meredith Lawrence demonstrating with the Air Fry and there was so many ways it could be used.

Wonder if we could talk [email=Cuisine@Home]Cuisine@Home[/email]  to do a issue using the Air Fryer with there recipes  Blush


RE: Air Fryer ? - cjs - 12-01-2016

Well, you're sending me searching...don't know what this is.  Hmmmmmmm 

RE: Air Fryer ? - Gourmet_Mom - 12-01-2016

I think Alina got one?  If I'm right, she will jump in soon, I'm sure.

RE: Air Fryer ? - madmax - 12-01-2016

Oh Great I'm thinking and I could be wrong that this would be so much easier and cheaper then using my oven, considering lately I'm just cooking for myself. Yes it's a plus that everyone says the fries are killer even Oprah  Big Grin

RE: Air Fryer ? - Gourmet_Mom - 12-01-2016

Tracie, I think there was a thread on here about the thing.  I'll go look.

I'm almost positive we discussed this, but I couldn't find it.  But again, maybe Alina will pop in.  I'm pretty sure she had one....she has all the toys!   Tongue Big Grin

RE: Air Fryer ? - Cubangirl - 12-01-2016

Sorry I replaced my old deep fat fryer with this one: Fryer . I hate air popped corn, so I did not think I'd like air frying. Reviews said food did not taste the same as fat fried. If fried at the correct temperature, the food should not retain any oil. Most of the "badness" from frying comes from what we do to the food before frying, e.g., breading.

I've been very happy with this fryer so far. It maintains temp and I love the two basket option, though I've mostly just used the big one.

RE: Air Fryer ? - cjs - 12-02-2016

Trace, I'm afraid I have to agree with Alina on this one. Frying done correctly is comparably greasy-free. Plus, I remember now having an air popcorn popper and got rid of it. The popcorn tasted like cardboard.

My suggestion is to think about a counter top oven - there are wonderful ones out now which would serve one person perfectly. Nothing like the old toaster ovens which were so light weight they didn't do much.

Be sure to read the reader's reviews and the questions customers ask - very revealing.

RE: Air Fryer ? - cjs - 12-02-2016

So, what are you thinking??????????????

RE: Air Fryer ? - madmax - 12-02-2016

Mudder let me get home from work and read it  Tongue


Thank You for the information, this is not at all what I wanted I somehow thought it would bake like meats, veggys whatever you would in an oven and also Fry foods with very small amounts of oil kind of like a 2 in 1. So this not at all what I want or would use.

Yes on the toaster oven

RE: Air Fryer ? - cjs - 12-02-2016

I don't raise dumb kids!! Smile Smile