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RE: New Holiday Recipes - 2016 - cjs - 12-19-2016

I'll check

Just did a search and my word there are a lot of variations - here's a link to Betty Crocker's ideas. Couple I'd like to try. The Apple one for sure!

Chex Mix Variations

RE: New Holiday Recipes - 2016 - Mare749 - 12-20-2016

Thanks, Jean. I'll go look.

RE: New Holiday Recipes - 2016 - Gourmet_Mom - 12-20-2016

Then there are more....

Chex Mix

Some are on the Betty Crocker site.  I'm curious if the muddle buddies version is what folks around here call puppy chow?  Peanut butter and powdered sugar are the main ingredients.  SOOOOOO. GOOOD!

Yup!  Same one, I think.  Never realized there was chocolate in there.

RE: New Holiday Recipes - 2016 - Mare749 - 12-21-2016

Oh, those really look good. And, I did find one with dried fruit. But, another one that caught my eye is the sesame ginger mix.

RE: New Holiday Recipes - 2016 - cjs - 12-21-2016

On Tuesdays, since we we're going out for dinner later, we try for a simple lunch.....I suggested some of the chex mix and a glass of wine. Geez, 2 glasses of wine later almost all (maybe 1/2 cup left) the mix was gone. We just sat and nibbled. Can't make this stuff very often. Smile

RE: New Holiday Recipes - 2016 - cjs - 01-02-2017

Well, not too much cooking/partying went on this Holiday..................

Maybe next year.

RE: New Holiday Recipes - 2016 - foodfiend - 01-09-2017

I had bookmarked this thread bookmarked to look at when I had the time and, wow, just the link to the Holiday Finger Foods is making me drool...  you're right, Jean, don't read this when you're hungry!  I have starred it for our next gathering, would like to try a few things...  Wink

RE: New Holiday Recipes - 2016 - cjs - 01-09-2017

Oh good!! My mission is complete