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RE: Instant Pot - II - cjs - 11-29-2016

Wow! The flavorings sound just wonderful!!! Now that non-grilling weather is here, I am determined to use the IP AND the Anova much more!! 

RE: Instant Pot - II - Mare749 - 11-30-2016

Copied and saved every word, Alina. Thank you, sounds delicious!

Just to be perfectly used 5 lbs. of pork "tenderloin"? Not the thicker cut of pork loin that is used for boneless pork chops. I'm sure you know the difference, but there was some confusion about that one time so I have to ask.

RE: Instant Pot - II - Cubangirl - 11-30-2016

Yes Mare, I used one package (both halves) of the cryovac ones Costco sells. Both would have fit, but would need to be seared in two batches. I don't really like Pork Loins, to me they are neither fish nor fowl nor good red herring, no flavor with extra fat. So I only buy the tenderloins, boneless spare ribs and pork shoulders and legs (fresh ham). I use tenderloins or spare ribs for quick cooks, e.g., stir fries, etc. and the limbs for carnitas or Cuban Pork.

RE: Instant Pot - II - Mare749 - 11-30-2016

Thanks, Alina. Wink

RE: Instant Pot - II - Cubangirl - 12-15-2016

Steve had 4 huge Costco artichokes so I suggested he make them in the IP. He decided he need not wait for me to show him how to use it, and almost gave me a heart attack. He attempted to put the lid on and put it back to front and it got stuck. It took a few minutes of moving it back and forth to disengage and put it on correctly, matching the arrows.

He cut lemons and coarsely chopped garlic and added those with 1 cup of water to the liner. Then placed the rack and I fit the 4 artichokes on the rack. This was the 8 qt., the 6 would only have only held 3. Closed the lid (correctly), set the vent to sealed and manual on high for 20 minutes. He let it to a full natural pressure release. They came out great if a tad softer than he's done on the stove. Next time, will do 19 on pressure with full Natural Release or the full 20 and then do NPR for 10 and then quick release.

RE: Instant Pot - II - cjs - 12-16-2016

another winner for the IP! Smile

RE: Instant Pot - II - Mare749 - 12-16-2016

Sounds great, Alina. Wish my Costco would get some huge artichokes. Cool

RE: Instant Pot - II - Gourmet_Mom - 12-16-2016

And I wait for Christmas to see if I can play on this thread!   Angel

RE: Instant Pot - II - cjs - 12-17-2016

Almost there, Daphne. Smile

RE: Instant Pot - II - esgunn - 12-17-2016

Hello all.   Been a long time.   

We have two not as fancy as the Insta Pot - the Power Pressure Cooker in the 8qt and 12qt.   Three teenagers you know.   We really like them.   Made pulled pork the other night and I am cooking beef short ribs right now.  Will finish them with Teriyaki on the grill.      Works great!  I going to make note of those cuban black beans! Thank you for sharing!

I do not like this format.  Sad