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Comfort Food - Meatloaf - cjs - 10-01-2016

I found the greatest little book on ‘Meatloaf’ – so many ideas for different flavorings, etc. I’m having a good time trying different suggestions they have come up with.

And, wow, you can get it for $ .0l – if you like meatloaf, how can you beat this deal?
I made the Reuben Meatloaf today and (even this non-kraut lover) I liked the flavors and the leftovers are going to be so fun to work with.

[Image: ocft%201%20001_zpszmjk3fsz.jpg]

[Image: ocft%201%20002_zpsmmg0t7gn.jpg]

[Image: ocft%201%20004_zpsyxvf7fp5.jpg]

The ideas for leftovers boggles the mind.

Re: Comfort Food - Meatloaf - Gourmet_Mom - 10-01-2016

William would love this! Sadly, meatloaf gives him nightmares. I know it sounds weird, but every time I've ever made it, it didn't agree with him and he had nightmares. The only time it didn't was when I tried the skinny meatloaf. He loves it, it just doesn't love him.

Re: Comfort Food - Meatloaf - cjs - 10-02-2016

Wow! Poor William.

Re: Comfort Food - Meatloaf - Harborwitch - 10-02-2016

D@mn you Jean! By the time we get ready to hit the road I'm going to have 6 boxes of cookbooks! It's on it's way!

That Reuben meatloaf looks to die for!