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Tuesday's Dinner, 8/30/16?? - cjs - 08-30-2016

What's on the menu for everyone today??

Having another French Bread Sand. for lunch and this is bar hopping night. Tonight is 'The Alibi'

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Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 8/30/16?? - Trixxee - 08-30-2016

Tony split a whole chicken in half and has been marinating it in an "el pollo loco" type of marinade to be grilled later. I'll make some Spanish rice and a green vegetable TBD.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 8/30/16?? - losblanos1 - 08-30-2016

Another easy one, Chicken piccata and asparagus.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 8/30/16?? - karyn - 08-30-2016

We had fun tonight! I invited neighbors over to cook and eat with us, so we made two of the Blue Apron meals that were delivered.

Dinner 1 was Summer Vegetable and Queso Quesadillas and dinner 2 was Chicken and Fresh Basil Fettuccine. Both were very good, but one of the things I'm enjoying most is cooking and tasting with neighbors.

My two boys are also using BA (they live near each other in Midtown ATL) and often get together to cook. I love that!

Sorry for sounding like a commercial, but I'm really surprised by how well this service is fitting into our lives.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 8/30/16?? - Mare749 - 08-31-2016

Thanks for the follow-up review, Karyn. I was telling my daughters about this service. What a great idea to cook with a friend. It turns dinner into an event.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 8/30/16?? - Gourmet_Mom - 08-31-2016

What a fun night, Karyn!

After the long day on the road, we just picked up a Stouffer's lasagna. Sad, but true.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 8/30/16?? - karyn - 08-31-2016

Daphne, that is nothing to be embarrassed about! There is always a place for easy comfort food in life!!

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 8/30/16?? - Harborwitch - 08-31-2016

Daphne that used to be one of our favorite "emergency" dinners. Now we try to keep at least 3 or 4 nights worth (a month) of emergency dinners in the freezer with my work schedule. I have heard that we are going to start shortening up our hours! YEA!

Karyn those sound intriguing, and how fun to cook with neighbors. I miss Bruno's Island and all the fun we had with our friends, cooking and drinking wine!

Last night's dinner was the result of the Farmers' Market Saturday. We had a HUGE fat tomato that needed to be used so cheeseburgers with big fat tomato slices and a cucumber and onion salad.

The cheese was a "Russian Gold", a semi hard cheese from Latvia - OMG! We are blessed to have a European deli/grocery in town and went there yesterday to get my bulk tea. We left with 1 1/4 lbs of the cheese, a big fat Kielbasa made in the Ukrainian style (haven't eaten that yet), another bag of their made in Europe awesome macaroni, some pretzels from Eastern Europe, and some Ukrainian style cookies. It's interesting - they use a lot less salt and sugar than we do. There are so many things we want to try . . . we have a jar of "Greek Salad" we got last time, cucumbers and all sorts of veggies - intended for a tapas style dinner, and, alas forgotten/saved for another dinner.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 8/30/16?? - cjs - 09-01-2016

what a jewel of a find, Sharon! Love when I can come across places like that. I don't think I've ever had Ukrainian foods.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 8/30/16?? - Mare749 - 09-01-2016

Sharon, you have inspired me to stop in at one of our Ukranian stores. I did stop in one a while back, but was completely lost and had no idea what to buy.