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Monday's Dinner, 8/15/16?? - cjs - 08-15-2016

What's on the menu for everyone today??

OMG, HD is leaving this a.m. He has just worn me out. Between being laid off (yes, him too!) and just having 2 bulldogs to talk to, he talks incessantly!!!! It's hard to get a word in edgewise. So, not the best visit we've had.

Plus, I'm too darn old for these marathon cooking sessions! I've told him the mystery bags of the future can only have 2 items to play with and I'll decide the rest.

O.k., 'nuff bit(hing.

I have leftovers out the ying yang, so have no idea AND as my grandmother used to do when company left - I'm going to bed for a week.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 8/15/16?? - Mare749 - 08-15-2016

Oh my, you sound a bit tired...Yeah, three days of partying will do that!

I went to the meat store and bought some nice thick "grilling" chops. Roasted sweet potato and grilled corn on the side.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 8/15/16?? - cjs - 08-15-2016

Maryann, I think you have Journey Home cookbook? On page 167 there is a recipe for Apricot Sauce that is wonderful with pork chops.....just thought I'd pass that along.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 8/15/16?? - Mare749 - 08-15-2016

Thank you, Jean. I read this too late, unfortunately. Already back from the store and Ron is ready to grill.

I'm glad you brought it up though. I enjoy going through all of your books frequently and get inspired. Was going to make lefse with the kiddos tomorrow, but Alyssa really wants to make gnocchi, so I'll do lefse with Katie and Abby one day when they are here.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 8/15/16?? - cjs - 08-16-2016

Very pleased with the leftover crab cake sliders – broken up crab cake and hard cooked egg mixed with the sauces from the day before – Cocktail (just Heinz), Guimi’s Butter Rouille, and an Apricot sauce just to moisten. The combination was very good. And, those darn Hawaiian dinner rolls, I could just eat a dozen!! love the flavor.
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