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Tony Chachere's Products - cjs - 07-02-2016

As some of you know I began using Tony C’s Creole seasoning after tasting a grilled onion while we were on the road in Lake Charles, LA – and instant love. While we were there I picked up another Tony C product – an injectable marinade. It’s been sitting on my shelf since we got home. darn, what a waste of time! This stuff is wonderful!

The last time at the restaurant supply store, I picked up a whole N.Y. Strip and cut almost all into steaks, but cut one ‘chunk’ to 2 lbs. Yesterday I injected it with the marinade and refrigerated it overnight. Roasted this morning on a rack over a can of coke, seasoned only with S&P and pulled at 123°F.

Just now tasted it and what a wonderful subtle garlicky flavor it gives the beef. Wow. I have about half a bottle left, so will give pork a try next. But, I don’t see how it could top the beef!

[Image: Jul%202%20NY%20Strip%20Roast%20w%20Tony%...fha34c.jpg]

I don't want to slice open until it chills and I can thin slice it.


Re: Tony Chachere's Products - Mare749 - 07-02-2016

That looks delicious and exactly what I like to do with a lean type of roast like that. I'm going to look for that marinade so I can try this.

Do you have any trouble with the marinade running back out while you are injecting? Does it mean I'm overdoing it?

Re: Tony Chachere's Products - cjs - 07-02-2016

Yes, some did come back out, but I just ignored it. and enough stayed in evidently to really flavor it.

Re: Tony Chachere's Products - cjs - 07-03-2016

Cannot stop picking at this beef - really a good flavor. It's all thinly slice now and in pkgs. to freeze. But, will have today for dinner - on sandwiches.
[Image: jul%203%20002_zpsepdglqzo.jpg]

[Image: jul%203%20006_zpsnujtf0jd.jpg]

Along with a 'testing' salad. Rice, zucc noodles, red onion sauced with a spicy peanut sauce (from chicken wings a while back) mixed with mayo, Sriracha and seasoned rice vinegar. Just tasted and while I like the flavor, not so much the texture. Think I'll try it again with a small pasta.

Re: Tony Chachere's Products - Gourmet_Mom - 07-03-2016

That beef looks gorgeous! The salad looks yummy, though. We have that injection product around here. I'll have to give it a try. The dry ingredient you use on the onions I keep in my pantry. That's what I use in the rub for the orange glazed salmon recipe we love so much. So good!

Re: Tony Chachere's Products - Harborwitch - 07-03-2016

That is beautiful Jean. I am drooling. I think we've used almost all of their injectables. Really really great flavor. Now I'm more prone to make my own. Gives me a great idea for tomorrow's smoked chicken.