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Re: Instant Pot Recipes - Cubangirl - 06-10-2016

Jean, While I don't like to eat hard cooked eggs (or any non-scrambled kind)I've made plenty and this just works, so easy. Try it with a couple, you'll not be sorry.

Re: Instant Pot Recipes - Mare749 - 06-10-2016

They come out so perfect, Jean. I have a little egg rack that holds 8 eggs and fits perfectly into the IP. I especially love how easy they are to peel!

Just be sure to follow the instructions perfectly. The first time I forgot to wait 5 minutes before releasing the steam and the eggs were just slightly undercooked.

Re: Instant Pot Recipes - cjs - 06-11-2016

O.K., this old dog will give them a try. I need some done anyway.

P.S. Just added all the notes from here to L.C., so when we get another batch of drippy weather, I'll play with this. Thanks Maryann and Alina!!

Re: Instant Pot Recipes - cjs - 06-11-2016


this is the post I added to facebook

Okay, I’ve been drug kicking and screaming into the 21st century and the advent of the new Instant Pot – Pressure Cooker. Cook hard-cooked eggs in it?? No way, I’ve been saying. But, I agreed to try it. I was lucky that I had 3 older eggs and had to buy more tor the other three. And all six shelled very easily!! That alone will keep me doing this. A fellow C@H forum member suggested cooking potatoes and eggs together for a potato salad. After long distance calls to Cleveland (thank you Maryann!), I finally figured out how to do it. But, I didn’t write it down immediately, so now I have to do it again…….

My Chef Bui (Chef/Instructor) would be so proud – no green ring!
[Image: Jun%2011%20Instant%20Pot%20hard%20cooked...5rghas.jpg]

[Image: Jun%2011%20Instant%20Pot%20Potato%20Sala...il6h6s.jpg]

Re: Instant Pot Recipes - Cubangirl - 06-11-2016

Happy to accept the white flag. So happy you tried it. I've become addicted to the IP. I look at recipes now and think "how can I make it in the IP". Not heating up the house is such a big plus this time of year. You'll know I've finally succumbed if I start making my popcorn in it instead of the stove.

Re: Instant Pot Recipes - Mare749 - 06-11-2016

I'm so happy it all worked out, Jean. I felt so bad that we were out on the road so couldn't actually walk you through it. But, it sounds like you got it worked out just fine. Your potato salad looks delicious!

Alina, I'm with you. Using the IP is addictive. Ron doesn't care if I never do ribs any other way! We will be using it a lot.

Re: Instant Pot Recipes - cjs - 06-12-2016

Now I have to use it a few more times to set it in my mind.

Thanks for all the help. ( and, I do have rib in the freezer! . )

Re: Instant Pot Recipes - Gourmet_Mom - 06-12-2016

You guys are making me so jealous! Soon!!!!

Re: Instant Pot Recipes - cjs - 06-13-2016

Just removed my ribs from the IP - I'm not feeling intimidated anymore by this darn appliance!!

thanks Maryann - I did it exactly as you did, but tried 18 min. poking, they seem a little more resistant than I'd prefer, but I'll hold final judgement till we try them later. IF, this rain turns to sprinkles, I will grill with some sauce just for a little.

Re: Instant Pot Recipes - Mare749 - 06-13-2016

Jean, I'm a little surprised that they were still resistant. I wonder if your ribs were larger/meatier than what I used?

Did the meat shrink back from the bones?

I just thought of one last thing! Did you set the ribs with the bones "vertical" in the pot? That is suppose to make a difference also...