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Herbs - Cubangirl - 03-09-2016

I thought this was interesting. Though I don't agree about Tarragon, when picked fresh is one of my top 3 herbs.

Re: Herbs - Gourmet_Mom - 03-10-2016

I disagree with several. But this reminds me, next sunny weekend we need to get the deck garden going! It may not stay this warm, but I'm pretty sure our freeze and frost nights are over.

Re: Herbs - Mare749 - 03-10-2016

I thought a lot of it was true, but I have limited amount of fresh herbs that I use anyway. Basil, thai basil, Italian parsley, cilantro and sage are my faves.

My mom used to have a patch of lemon thyme just outside the kitchen door. For the life of me, I cannot remember what she did with it.

Re: Herbs - cjs - 03-10-2016

Hmmm, all I get is pictures of herbs - don't know what is supposed to show??

I love fresh herbs and plant just about all except can't stand curly parsley - always plant Italian/flat leaf. And, tarragon is my least fav of the herbs, altho I have a couple of dishes I always use it in.

Re: Herbs - Gourmet_Mom - 03-10-2016

Jean, there is a short commentary to the right of each picture.

I always have basil, Italian parsley, oregano, sage and thyme. I've tried Rosemary twice with no success.

Re: Herbs - cjs - 03-10-2016

Wow, rosemary grows like a weed out here and I always put the current year's plant out in the yard somewhere and just let it go. Deer don't eat it and when you rub your hands trhu it walking by, oh it smells so good.

I like the new young tender plant to use each summer.

Re: Herbs - Gourmet_Mom - 03-10-2016

I may try one more time this year? I wonder if it gets too wet where I usually put it. Both times, it had what looked like thick cob webs on it, then slowly died. Fungus? We'll see. I'll put it further out on the deck where it will get more sun.

Re: Herbs - Harborwitch - 03-11-2016

In CA we always had a wonderful herb garden. Lemon thyme was always there - I used in so many things. I love it.

We planted basil, chives, Italian parsley, lemon basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary last year along with our forever lasting sage. Because of work we hardly used any of them. Hopefully this year! My chives are coming back and I spotted some parsley that is volunteering somewhere other than where I wanted it. The sage and thyme survived the winter so I'm hopeful.

Re: Herbs - Cubangirl - 03-11-2016

We have all the ones listed last year. My most used herb is thyme, preferably lemon thyme when I have it. Did not find any use for marjoram and fresh oregano. I use it a lot, but prefer dried. It was nice to find out that most chef's agree. We won't be planting either this year.

Our tarragon is coming back, our very very old pot with sage, rosemary and thyme has never stopped producing even in winter. We are going to plant fresh plants of those these year and I have a 6" pot from TJ's in my kitchen window now.

We used to have a really difficult time with parsley, but it did great in the makeshift greenhouse last year, so I'm hopeful for this year.

We always have basil and Thai basil (love the latter). I tried to get rid of mint plant and it rooted so we always have that, though we plant fresh in a pot each year. Our chives always come back, both regular and lemon. Steve plants cilantro and it dies almost unused since I dislike it (super taster).

The one we don't seem to be able to maintain is dill. I love it, so we will try again this year. Our lemongrass looked dead, but it is coming back, yeah!

Re: Herbs - foodfiend - 03-11-2016

It seems to me as though the author of this article is a little full of him(her)self...