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Saturday's Dinner, 3/5/16?? - cjs - 03-05-2016

What's on the menu for today??

Simple here - tortilla pizza of some kind.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 3/5/16?? - foodfiend - 03-05-2016

We usually have pizza on Sunday, but guests will be here, so DH insists that we have pizza this evening. Probably a bbq chicken pizza, unless I can unearth a jar of pizza sauce from the depths of my pantry in which case it will be a salami/provolone pizza.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 3/5/16?? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-05-2016

As you guys may have noticed, we are not very social creatures, but tonight we are going to a party. It's the 50th anniversary of a business that we have had dealings with in the past. As a matter of fact, we received a personal invitation from one of the principles who was a close friend of William's dad. Since it was received that way, I have no idea what to expect. So I'll have to fill you in after the fact. Although, I have high hopes. It's being held at the country club in the premiere golf course near Southport.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 3/5/16?? - Harborwitch - 03-05-2016

I am not sure what it's going to be yet. I want to try making Chiles Rellenos using a batter made with rice flour & cornstarch. I think chorizo & corn enchiladas and a salad will fill it out. If all goes well with all of our chores today!

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 3/5/16?? - cjs - 03-05-2016

Movin' with da big dawgs, MS Daphne! Have fun.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 3/5/16?? - BarbaraS - 03-05-2016

Have fun Daphne!! Sounds like it's going to be really nice!!

I have the double Pork Rib Chop ready to go with my new Anova Precision Cooker. I'm also doing the Apricot Sauce on the side. Went to the local bakery/brunch/now serving dinner on Thursday eves goodies store and got some Baklava and a slice of cheesecake with cherries topping for dessert. Man! They have some serious pastries and cakes!! We need to do brunch there sometime.


Re: Saturday's Dinner, 3/5/16?? - cjs - 03-05-2016

Don't read a 2nd time, Jean!!!!

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 3/5/16?? - losblanos1 - 03-05-2016

That sounds like fun Daphne, have a blast!

I'm solo tonight and it means one thing, Italian grinder.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 3/5/16?? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-06-2016

That's becoming a habit, Blane! But they are good!

Well, last night came as a complete surprise! This turned into a huge event, celebrating the founder of the company as well as the second and third generation spanning 50 years. There were numerous speeches, some tearful from the sons honoring their father and the legacy he left them. It is a major construction company that does sewer and water for new developements, cities and towns. In a addition, the founder was honored with the Order of the Long Leaf Pine. This is the most prestigious honor that can be bestowed by the governor to citizens of our state. It came as a huge surprise to most there.

On with the food. We started with fruits and cheeses. One was a semi firm light yellow with green marbling. William was particularly impressed. There was beer and wine available. The Cabernet/Merlot was really good. I noticed the labels were odd. Come to find out, the founder and his wife made, bottled, and labelled all the wines for the night. The labels celebrated the event in some way. Everyone got a bottle of their choice to take home. NICE!

Dinner was a nicely dressed salad, split baked potatoes, garlic green beans, a spinach stuffed flounder in a light cream sauce, Herb roasted chicken, and prime rib with a jus and/or horseradish sauce. The dessert was a nice dense dark chocolate cack with a white cream cheese like icing.

Sorry the picture is messy. I was doing good until the server at the carving station put my prime rib on there. It was all VERY well done. For me, it is rare for some places to get the prime rib just right. This one was perfect. And the flounder was delicious.

[Image: d79952a2073b2c5e5d8741edb6a8500b.jpg]

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 3/5/16?? - cjs - 03-06-2016

What a night! Looks delicious.