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Thursday's Dinner 3/3/16?? - cjs - 03-03-2016

What's on the menu for everyone today??

I'd doing one of Roy's old, old favs - Mexican casserole and if I can find it a salad we love from one of those Ortega recipe pamphlets. hmmmm

Re: Thursday's Dinner 3/3/16?? - Trixxee - 03-03-2016

I am going to make the dad-dan chicken & noodles (though using spaghetti) that Blane and Carylann made recently. Their picture just looked way too enticing.

Re: Thursday's Dinner 3/3/16?? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-03-2016

Trixxee, I'm not sure if there is a big difference in the nutrition values or "suspicious" ingredients, but I'm sold on using ramen noodles in my Chinese noodle dishes now.

Now I want some! But I think William may balk if I do Chinese twice in one week? We'll see! I'm still considering.

Re: Thursday's Dinner 3/3/16?? - Mare749 - 03-03-2016

We are having Italian breaded pork chops. I'm using boneless chops, will pound them a bit, then bread with seasoned bread crumbs, Parm, garlic and parsley. Quick pan fry to brown and add a side of spaghetti and some roasted vegs.

Re: Thursday's Dinner 3/3/16?? - losblanos1 - 03-03-2016

We hope you enjoy that one Trixxee.

Today it's three cheese & pepperoni Stromboli.

Re: Thursday's Dinner 3/3/16?? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-03-2016

Finally decided! I'm making Roberto's Italian Sausage, Peppers, and Onions. Sautéed cabbage will be the side. YUM!

Re: Thursday's Dinner 3/3/16?? - cjs - 03-03-2016

Oh wow, have not had that forever!!

Re: Thursday's Dinner 3/3/16?? - Harborwitch - 03-04-2016

We had the leftovers from last night. I could honestly eat these way more often! I can't wait until we can get more cheeks from them!

Re: Thursday's Dinner 3/3/16?? - cjs - 03-04-2016

Ended up grabbing a burger which ruined our dinner, while we were spending the kid's inheritance at Cash & Carry.

But, do we have some wonderful meat for the freezer and grill cooking!!

Re: Thursday's Dinner 3/3/16?? - Harborwitch - 03-05-2016

Cash & Carry can seriously damage a budget. We go once a month for the Restaurant and for us.

We found the most wonderful local pork supplier. The piggies are free range, they have their babies in areas where they can stretch out and have some shade and space. They're fed organic food . . . raised humanely, slaughtered humanely, and OMG the meat tastes so "porky", all it needs is salt & pepper. Once we start getting paid again we'll put some more in the freezer.