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Egg Tip - cjs - 02-29-2016

Here we go again - if a lot of you already do this, why didn't you tell us?? !!!

Too often I'll see a hard-cooked egg in the fridge and I can't remember exactly when I cooked it/them.

So, another DUH moment -
[Image: feb%2029%20001_zpspqh2ozuw.jpg]

wy not write the date on the egg itself??? Geez.

Re: Egg Tip - Gourmet_Mom - 02-29-2016

Isn't that a cool idea! I'm assuming you use a felt tip? And the ink doesn't get through the shell? I'm guessing permanent marker would be a bad idea?

Re: Egg Tip - cjs - 02-29-2016

Haven't cracked it yet.....

Re: Egg Tip - Gourmet_Mom - 02-29-2016

Guess you get to be the guinea pig!

Re: Egg Tip - labradors - 02-29-2016

Daphne, I think Jean is using a special marker. After all, she did say it was an "egg tip."

Re: Egg Tip - foodfiend - 02-29-2016

Better than a cow tip...

Re: Egg Tip - labradors - 02-29-2016


Re: Egg Tip - cjs - 03-01-2016

everyone to their rooms!

Re: Egg Tip - Gourmet_Mom - 03-01-2016

You guys are too funny!

Re: Egg Tip - cjs - 03-02-2016

Happy to report to all you hooligans - a Sharpie felt tip pen works great and no bleed thru at all