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REVIEW-Creole Shrimp Burgers - Gourmet_Mom - 03-16-2015

Okay, pictures tomorrow. And yes, I realize now this was not a grilled burger.

The burger fried up beautifully! I'd have this again! Id give the burger itself an 8. The Remoulade Sauce was not as good as Jean's, so that will be replaced next time. A 5? The fries I will give another shot. The flavor was good, the method was good, but I over cooked them. So I won't score that one. But I like the flavors and method, so I will give them another shot. I've been looking for a good crispy oven fry, and I think this method may work for me.

Overall, I really liked the meal!

Re: REVIEW-Creole Shrimp Burgers - cjs - 03-17-2015

Having been enjoying these flavors so much the last few months, I thought we would really like this one.

March 16, 2015 Daphne’s Review dinner
Issue #110 – Apr. 2015, page 23

Hmmm, where to start with this one. I had big hopes for it, but I found two things drastically wrong. The highly seasoned shrimp burger would have been great with lightly seasoned fries… or vice versa. But the two together was just really overkill for me. I couldn’t tell what was what in the flavors and what I was eating.

Even dipping the fries in the Remoulade, the amounts were still way too much – in my way of thinking. I made half and still had a whole bowl left.

[Image: Mar%2016%20Creole%20Shrimp%20Burger_zpsncw33kc6.jpg]

[Image: Mar%2016%20Remoulade%20for%20Shrimp%20Bu...wmrzqa.jpg]

So, I’m giving the dinner a 7 – Roy’s giving it an 8 1/2. I’m glad we tried it tho, I do love trying shrimp/fish cakes/burgers. Thanks Daphne.

Re: REVIEW-Creole Shrimp Burgers - Mare749 - 03-17-2015

Not sure how to rate this. Ron liked it more than I did. The flavors just didn't work for me and now that I read Jean's review, I'm thinking that maybe it was the fries. Full disclosure, we did not oven-fry or even start with whole potatoes. We used frozen ore-ida's and put them into the fryer, then sprinkled with the seasoning, which I wish I hadn't done. Should have tried it first to see if I was going to like it. I was glad that I didn't use the full amount on the fries as it would have been too much.

I thought the shrimp burger was rather bland, but that is probably because the highly seasoned fries messed with my taste buds. Since Ron thought this was tasty, I may try this again sometime but just have a side salad or plain fries.

Re: REVIEW-Creole Shrimp Burgers - losblanos1 - 03-17-2015

It was just OK, nothing special, I give it a 4, CA a 5. The fries were pretty good though, at least the one that I didn't overcook.

Thanks for picking the recipe Daphne.

[Image: 2_zps68clp9x2.jpg]

Re: REVIEW-Creole Shrimp Burgers - karyn - 03-17-2015

No pretty photo here, but I agree with Blane. I thought the fries were the best part of the meal, but I'm not sure they were good enough to do again. The burger was fine, but a little bland and not at all memorable, as was the remoulade.

I was really looking forward to this meal, so I wish I could have loved it, y'know?

Re: REVIEW-Creole Shrimp Burgers - Gourmet_Mom - 03-17-2015

Forgot I promised a picture. I had always planned to serve this bun less. My lettuce had gone South, and William forgot the lettuce when he went to the store. So the only picture I took was of the pretty crust I got on the burgers.

[Image: 3045dd592c5d46e8a6fe2ff07c9e4baf.jpg]

Re: REVIEW-Creole Shrimp Burgers - Trixxee - 03-18-2015

Have not gotten around to making this but after the mediocre reviews I'm convinced my idea of adding a couple of slices of bacon to the sandwich is the way to go.

Re: REVIEW-Creole Shrimp Burgers - Mare749 - 03-18-2015

Forgot to thank Daphne for picking this meal to review. It's one that I think most of us were going to try anyway. Should we pick another one?

Blane, since you are probably way ahead of most of us, would you want to pick the next one?

Re: REVIEW-Creole Shrimp Burgers - cjs - 03-18-2015

Hope someone does!!

Re: REVIEW-Creole Shrimp Burgers - losblanos1 - 03-18-2015

Sure, I'll pick a recipe. From the current issue?