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Okay, I tried the Sugar Steak! - Bizymomma - 03-03-2006

I finally got up the nerve to coat my steak with brown sugar! LOL. The recipe was easy to fix and came together pretty quickly. It was tasty! The steak wouldn't be that great without the vinaigrette...the crust of sugar/salt/pepper would taste kind of odd without it I think. Give this a try if you don't mind a kind using the vinaigrette with the steak!

Re: Okay, I tried the Sugar Steak! - TwilightKitten - 03-03-2006

Thank you for the review...I was so hoping you would try it and let us know how it was. And I'm glad you liked it! No wasted steak...phew!

Re: Okay, I tried the Sugar Steak! - Backhertz - 03-06-2006

I made this tonight. It was delicious. I used a non-stick pan & nothing stuck. I sort of expected the steak to be more like steaks I've blackened in an iron skillet. The brown sugar did burn and was easily cleaned off the non-stick surface. My wife wants to have it again. I'm going to use my iron skillet next time & see what results. Oh, I also want to use a thicker piece of meat. I purchased an entire NY Strip Loin (or whatever it is called) from Costco for $5.39 /lb and cut 12 one inch steaks out of it. Even though I cut the meat cooking time to 4 minutes on the first side, 2 minutes on the second, and then 4 minutes in the oven, the 1" steak came out medium rather than rare to medium-rare. A thicker steak or two 1" steaks would have been better.