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Looking for a special sandwich - hollykaster - 03-01-2006

Hi there - I am a part owner of a B&B for scrapbookers in Michigan and besides the pampering of our guests, food is out next priority! We are changing our menu (we change twice a year) and are looking for a "wow" kind of sandwich. We are serving the ham/babyswiss sandwich in the puff pastry from a past issue of the magazine right now. We served it with the cilantro cole slaw in the summer and switched to a soup this fall. Does anyone have any suggestions? Dinner the night before is angel chicken and dinner the night following this lunch is a pork tenderloin marinated with a sauce. Just wanted to let you know the other meats that we would be serving during the weekend. Any help would be appreciated ... oh ... and any side dish ideas too!


Re: Looking for a special sandwich - Japher - 03-01-2006

I like roasted pork, brie, and apple sandwhiches with a pesto mayo. I know you already are serving pork, but that's what I like. I also enjoy a good reuben, but then that doesn't sound like a B&B sandwhich.

My wife like Paninis; roasted peppers, chicken, and eggplant... Look at Panera's website for some good ideas, I really like their sandwhiches.

Re: Looking for a special sandwich - cjs - 03-02-2006

I used to do a BLT that was really a BBT - Bacon, Basil leaves & Tomato (preferable heirlooms) that everyone loved. Still make these at home (but at home, we add a layer of peanut butter...

Re: Looking for a special sandwich - Old Bay - 03-02-2006

I really like the Reuben suggestion -- offer a thick Reuben with Russian dressing and give your guests the option of kraut or a coleslaw topping.

Re: Looking for a special sandwich - Roxanne 21 - 03-03-2006

There were a couple of interesting, not the every day, grilled cheese sandwiches in Issue #51--I think. I tried both of them and they were excellent. Serve with a salad or soup as you have done before according to the ingredients used in the sandwiches. If you need the recipes, please let me know and I will be happy to post.

Re: Looking for a special sandwich - hollykaster - 03-07-2006

Thanks for all the suggestions ... I have to take something for our corporation meeting on Wednesday so I will let you know how it goes ... I shouldn't be reading all these great ideas now ... I am starving!

Thanks again!