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Recipe Review - piano226 - 02-21-2006

I made Lex's Roast chicken from October issue. Absolutely delicious. I have kept it in the oven extra 15 min or the skin really becomes crispy.

Re: Recipe Review - Bizymomma - 02-21-2006

Hi, I'm new to the website, but NOT the magazine. I absolutely LOVE C@H and refer to it when I'm in the mood to make something fun and delicious! Everything that I have tried, I love. My most recent tries were the Potstickers with Mandarin Pork Filling..YUM, and the Mediterranean chops! Very good with great complex flavor! My sister made the Chili chicken skewers with the cilantro pesto and the Chunky Banana-Sweet Potato Mash. They loved it and use the cilantro pesto for shrimp and steak as well. (kind of like a chimichirri sauce)
I am going to try te Brazilian Black Bean soup from Feb. 2006. I just got my April issue today and can't wait to look through!

I LOVE talking food. If anybody's interested, please contact me!

Re: Recipe Review - piano226 - 02-21-2006

I made Brazilian Black bean soup. Even my boyfriend who was totally skeptical about it loved it. I also made the meditarranean pork chops for a huge party and everybody loved it

Re: Recipe Review - TwilightKitten - 02-24-2006

I love talking food too! lol..ok, I love everything about food. My husband says "eat to live, don't live to eat." Yeah, ok. What was it I saw in him again? Oh, yeah, he can cook! He makes the Chicken Cordon Bleu from Issue 47, and OMG is it awesome!