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Sesame crusted tuna recipe - Lori - 02-20-2006

from a couple of months ago, it calls for black sesame seeds. Wondering if they are just for "presentation" or do they add a different flavor than white sesame seeds? Where can I find them - my supermarket doesn't carry them.

Re: Sesame crusted tuna recipe - piano226 - 02-21-2006


I am not sure about the flavor but I think I saw black ones in the Asian market.

Re: Sesame crusted tuna recipe - TwilightKitten - 02-21-2006

Hi! I have never had black sesame seeds, but I read that they have a strong, smoky, bitter flavor, unlike the nutty flavor of the white seeds. Still, I would feel comfortable substituting the white if the black are unavailable. How bad could it be?

If you have to have the black seeds, you can order them from Penzey's:

If you try them, let us know what you think of them!