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Dutch Processed Cocoa - JoJo - 01-09-2006

Does anyone know what "Dutch Processed Cocoa" is? I have never heard of it, and one of my recipes calls for it.
Where do I buy it, what Brand names is it under.
Also does anyone have a recipe for "ladyfingers".

Re: Dutch Processed Cocoa - VegasDramaQueen - 01-10-2006

What's the difference between cocoa powder and Dutch processed cocoa?

Regular or nonalkalized cocoa is lighter in color and sharper in flavo=r. It is acidic, so when added to recipes with an alkaline ingredient like baking soda, the two react and leaven a product.

Dutch processed cocoa is alkalized and is less acidic, darker and more mellow in flavour. It won't react properly in recipes calling for baking soda and if used, the product may taste soapy. I prefer it in recipes that don't call for baking soda for the main leavening agent. If a recipe calls for Dutch processed cocoa, try to use it because it will make a difference. You can find this in your supermarket and I think Hershey has now come up with this.

Re: Dutch Processed Cocoa - JoJo - 01-10-2006

Thanks for your reply. I have looked for it in my supermarket but they don't have it. I live in a small town and I have to go to "the big city" to find anything.
Thanks again.

Re: Dutch Processed Cocoa - VegasDramaQueen - 01-10-2006

If you're really serious, try this: Click on or You can order direct from either company. King Arthur Flour has a wonderful mail catalog and an online catalog and carries an excellent brand of Dutch Cocoa. Good luck.