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New Years 2014!! - cjs - 12-26-2014

Well, right out of the gate I found what I want to make for New Year's eve - (and I'll probably change my mind a dozen times in the next week. )

[Image: 201001-r-scallops-with-potato-pancakes_zps7ad0f6e6.jpg]

Scallops with Potato Pancakes and Caviar Sauce

Just makes my mouth water!!

Re: New Years 2014!! - luvnit - 12-28-2014

Oh yes! That looks great Jean!

New Year's Eve we will be making Egg Rolls, Blane's Egg Foo Yung, and Fried Rice

At least that is the plan right now.

Re: New Years 2014!! - losblanos1 - 12-28-2014

That does look good.

Laura it looks like you're having a Chinese New Year.

CA suggested steak Oscar with béarnaise, I'll sub lobster for the crab. Potato confit and asparagus on the side.

Re: New Years 2014!! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-30-2014

I had planned on using the large piece of rib roast left from Christmas dinner for Beef Stroganoff with peas on the side over the weekend. Since we will obviously not be doing any big partying tomorrow night, I figured this would have to be elegant enough? I assume the beef is still good to use?

That said, I only have a Cooking Light recipe for stroganoff using ground beef. Any suggestions on a recipe?

Re: New Years 2014!! - foodfiend - 12-30-2014

Daphne, I have no recipes to share for beef stroganoff, but I am so happy that William is home!!!

Well, "Chef Tab" and I will be spending NYE together (with our DH's, of course, but at this point they're in the background...) We will all go out for dinner, and come back to the house for apps and beer and lots more talking. And some sparkling stuff at midnight, of course.

Re: New Years 2014!! - cjs - 12-31-2014

Chef Tab??? Our Theresa??? When did you two get together?? How fun.

My New Year's plans as so screwed up food-wise, I don't know what we're having. But, I do have my scallops and caviar and my duck confit is thawing.............

Re: New Years 2014!! - foodfiend - 12-31-2014

Yes, the one and only Theresa. We met for a short, but enjoyable, visit a couple of years ago and have been trying to do it again ever since. The planet's have finally aligned!

Now if those avocados will ripen (in their paper bag, with a banana, on the heating vent in Jack's office) all will be ready for our NYE!

Re: New Years 2014!! - cjs - 12-31-2014

Oh, I'm so envious!!!! I hope I can see both of you when we hit those states 'up there'

Re: New Years 2014!! - Roxanne 21 - 12-31-2014

AHHHH New Year's Eve------spent the day at the hospital with another kidney stone and surgical procedure. Not really in the spirit but maybe tomorrow will energize me to do something special. I planned with orange sauce and my usual sides.

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE to y'all!!!

Re: New Years 2014!! - cjs - 12-31-2014

Roxanne, you or Peter??? I know he has had them before. Bad, bad news!!!

Well, after such a whiny start to today (see dinner thread, if you want), I had one of the best mornings cooking in a long time!!!

Here's a tease for what I played with, but the recipe is on the dinner thread.

Cranberry and Crème Fraiche
[Image: Dec31CranberrySalsawCremeFraiche_zps63ab4261.jpg]

[Image: Dec31ChiliSaffronHoneyPork_zps31594f94.jpg]