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please explain spiral hams to me! - foodfiend - 11-14-2014

Sorry if this is too... basic... but I've never cooked a ham before. Well, I don't eat much pork, so that's why. But I thought it would be nice to have one on the buffet table at our Christmas party and looked at them in the store today.

Question- how easy is it to lift a slice off of the spiral? Is this something that would be easy for a guest juggling a small plate and flatware?

These look pretty, a nice presentation, but would it be easier (for those serving themselves) to just cut and then arrange slices of ham on a platter?


Re: please explain spiral hams to me! - cjs - 11-14-2014

Vicci - rather than try to type up instructions for working with a spiral cut ham, here's what I found for you. I have used them over the years for catering and if you find thinly slicing an entire ham is a pain in the rear, then it is the way to go. But, for good looks, a lot of the hams are not sliced as uniformly as I like for buffets. So, it's kind of 50-50 whether to use them or not.

The best trick for neat carving of a spiral sliced ham is to use a long carving knife with a flexible blade that can curve around the center bone.

Place the ham on a cutting board on its smaller end. The large cut end should be facing up.

Locate the three sections of the ham. A line of fat and connective tissue runs between the smaller muscles, holding the entire cut together. The three lines divide the ham vertically.Place the tip of your carving knife into one of the muscle lines and slice down the entire length of the ham, using the line as a guide. Repeat with the remaining two lines.

Cut one section loose from the bone. In most spiral cut hams, two sections are loose from the bone and one remains intact, holding the entire ham together. Sink the tip of your knife between the bone and ham section and cut downward, curving around the bone. Repeat until the entire section is free.

Re: please explain spiral hams to me! - Trixxee - 11-14-2014

I have never cooked a ham either Vicci. We've only had spiral cut hams for the last 30 years or so.

While I find them nicely cut (at least from the real Honey Baked Ham store), one might still need to put their plate and flatware down to pick up a slice (ham could still be slightly attached to the bone). What about having the flatware at the end of the buffet line? One less thing to juggle. Or at least have a space big enough for a plate to be put down in front of or next to the ham.

Re: please explain spiral hams to me! - Mare749 - 11-14-2014

We have used Honey Baked Hams for years also. However, for serving purposes, we think that it is easier to cut it all off the bone and layer nicely on a serving platter. Ron cuts around the bone as Jean describes.

The Honey Baked ham bones are my absolute favorite for making ham and bean soup. I make a double batch and freeze in quart containers.

Re: please explain spiral hams to me! - foodfiend - 11-15-2014

Thanks everyone! From your responses, I've decided to make a pork tenderloin instead!!

Re: please explain spiral hams to me! - cjs - 11-15-2014

Smart lady!