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Secret Santa Time 2014 - BarbaraS - 11-10-2014

Okay All,

I want some input here. We've been doing "Secret Santa" for a few years now and I've seen the number of participants go up and then down. I kinda get the feeling that some of the past participants are "feeling funny" about the level of the gifts that were exchanged, and that was NOT the intention of this endeavor.

I would be willing to run this event again, but I do not want anyone to feel pressured about participating or anyone to feel like they have to one-up anyone. It's supposed to be simple and fun. I personally like to share some local products that may or may not be available to my recipient.

Heck, if we do this this year, someone might be getting the "Spicy Shelf" because I tried working it out in my spice cabinet and that was not happening.

Let me know everyone.


Re: Secret Santa Time?? Maybe? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-10-2014

I'm game for what everyone else votes on.

Re: Secret Santa Time?? Maybe? - Old Bay - 11-10-2014

I think it's fun, no matter what I get. I enjoy giving the gifts I give. I think it's a symbol of this happy little group. We might even get Labs involved this year!

Re: Secret Santa Time?? Maybe? - labradors - 11-10-2014

Yes, Bill, I was thinking that when I saw the thread subject line - even before you suggested it. Shall have to think what to pack together.

Re: Secret Santa Time?? Maybe? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-10-2014

Good point, Bill! It would be unfair to stop now. And like you, I enjoy sharing things I love from my area. Especially now that I found some great places to shop for local products.

Re: Secret Santa Time?? Maybe? - Trixxee - 11-11-2014

I would love to participate this year! Last year I was down and out with a broken ankle and did no real life shopping - everything was through Amazon or Tony.

Re: Secret Santa Time?? Maybe? - cjs - 11-11-2014

First of all, thank you so much, Barbara, for being willing to head up this project again this year. You do a fantastic job!!!

I love the local gifts I've gotten over the years and I do try to send those kind of gifts.

I would love to participate, but I don't know if the logistics will work with us on the road.

Re: Secret Santa Time?? Maybe? - BarbaraS - 11-11-2014

Oooo! Oooo! Oooo! Labs??! Oh yeah!

Jean, we have to figure something out with your travel itinerary. Absolutely.

Everyone, start signing up with PMs to me.

C'mon!! Let's have fun!

Group Hug!!


Re: Secret Santa Time?? Maybe? - Old Bay - 11-12-2014

I'm in!

Re: Secret Santa Time?? Maybe? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-12-2014

Im in!