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Wenesday's Dinner, 10/22/14?? - cjs - 10-22-2014

What's on the menu for everyone today??

We're going on a dinner cruse on The Showboat Branson Belle - going to be fun!!

Re: Wenesday's Dinner, 10/22/14?? - Trixxee - 10-22-2014

I got roped into hosting another horse racing contest which just so happens to coincide with dinner so I'm taking the easy way out. These drumsticks, and TJ's frozen fried rice.

Re: Wenesday's Dinner, 10/22/14?? - losblanos1 - 10-22-2014

Egg Foo Yung and pork fried rice.

ETA: I changed my mind, dinner is now chili con carne.

Re: Wenesday's Dinner, 10/22/14?? - Mare749 - 10-22-2014

We'll just heat up some l/os tonight.

Re: Wenesday's Dinner, 10/22/14?? - Roxanne 21 - 10-22-2014

Ricotta and chive hotcakes... YUMMMM serve with salmon swirles and a bit of caviar???? also a bit of sour cream.

I will add a bit of a salad -----for me!!

The ricotta is homemade per Ina's recipe. We do not have any thing close to a good ricotta in the markets. This is a GREAT recipe for ricotta if you are interested. Check it out!!!

Re: Wenesday's Dinner, 10/22/14?? - cjs - 10-22-2014

Everyone to Roxanne's!! That sounds so good!

Re: Wenesday's Dinner, 10/22/14?? - Mare749 - 10-22-2014

That really does sound good, Roxanne. I have a recipe for ricotta, but could you post the recipe for the pancakes? Please and thank you!

Re: Wenesday's Dinner, 10/22/14?? - karyn - 10-22-2014

Yes, Roxanne, please post the recipe for the pancakes. They sound delicious!

Tonight we're having patty melts. My contribution to a healthy diet is cut carrots, bell pepper and jicama. I could do worse!

Re: Wenesday's Dinner, 10/22/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 10-22-2014

Tonight, everybody was all over the place, so I made a pot of marinara, added some cooked Italian sausage, and let it simmer until everyone was heading home. Spaghetti night was an obvious choice tonight.

Hunting season is always challenging! I can't count on what time everybody will get home! Three deer in three days is making me jumpy! All were killed at the edge of dark! Which adds another hour or two to find it and/or process it! HOW DO YOU PLAN FOR THAT??!?!? LOL!

Re: Wenesday's Dinner, 10/22/14?? - Harborwitch - 10-23-2014

Clean out the freezer? I'm sorry, I couldn't resist . . . venison envy.

I'm going to my room . . .

BTW - the spaghetti sounds wonderful. I have Italian sausage . . . tomorrow!