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Well 2013-2014 Trip is Behind Us - cjs - 01-29-2014

Here's some misc. pix that finish out our trip - I'll repost the S.S. one where it belongs and then as soon as someone tells me who my S.S. is, I'll unstick the thread and let it go to never-never land.

I just cleaned out the trailer pantry/fridge and wow, do I have things to make!! Thanks to my S.S., Laura's goodies she brought for us, Bill & Jane Miller, and our stopping at specialty stores, it's outrageous!

I'm going to try to leave everything on the counter and use it all up!! When I put goodies in the panry, they get lost!

S.S. Goodies - Crackers, 2 bags cookies, ChowChow, Artichoke pesto, tea towels, chipotle rub & sauce and Old Smoky Moonshine!!!!

[Image: Jan28SSgoodies_zpsebe15aac.jpg]

then all the stuff I got on the road -
[Image: Jan28Goodiesfromtrip_zpsda2aa991.jpg]

I ordered my first Le Creuset pan to have when I got home and sure enough the darn thing was broken!!! Another is on its way
[Image: Jan28LeCreusetBraiserbroken_zpsa970cb73.jpg]

This is going to be tomorrow's dinner. It's one of the dishes I was going to fix for New Years with Laura, etal, D & D and Bill & Jane...not to be, so we'll have it!!!

[Image: Jan28NewYearsPastaDinnertobe_zps4f33ad46.jpg]

Re: Well 2013-2014 Trip is Behind Us - karyn - 01-29-2014

Just a hint...your SS lives within a Harley ride of all of the that too obvious????

BTW, we had such fun collecting stuff on our travels this year. I hope you enjoy it. The moonshine goes down way more easily than it should, so be careful, but it is delicious! (And don't tell the USPS that I shipped more than a pint of liquid, 'cuz apparently that's against regulations. I'm glad my packing was sufficient!!)

Re: Well 2013-2014 Trip is Behind Us - cjs - 01-29-2014

It was perfect, Karyn!! And, we will be very careful with the moonshine. In fact now that you mention it, it is 4 p.m. here and I think we ought to try "The Dolly"

Re: Well 2013-2014 Trip is Behind Us - Harborwitch - 01-30-2014

Lucky Jean. Karyn was our SS last year. I have hoarded a few things and we are still enjoying them. Looks like a haul Jean.