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Why a second plate charge? - DFen911 - 12-20-2013

I am continually baffled at why restaurants charge $2-$5 for a second plate charge!

They are bringing a plate, they don't have balance it or garnish it.

So many restaurants have entrees that are far too much for one person.

I find this to be outrageous. Even a casual place it's $2.

Re: Why a second plate charge? - Gourmet_Mom - 12-21-2013

Haven't run into that. That's crazy!

Re: Why a second plate charge? - cjs - 12-21-2013

We don't run into that too often anymore - used to more often. Reasoning was the cleaning/labor. We so rarely order an entre anymore - opting for appetizers and/or salads - but, when we do, we split also.

Re: Why a second plate charge? - Mare749 - 12-21-2013

I remember when some places used to do that, but like Jean, have not seen it recently. I wonder if it sometimes depends on how much you order, such as apps, soup, drinks, etc?

Re: Why a second plate charge? - DFen911 - 12-21-2013

I've seen it now at Applebees here in town, and 3 other restaurants. Even in Eugene at one restaurant it was at the bottom of the menu.

Re: Why a second plate charge? - Trixxee - 12-21-2013

I thought the only did that if they were plating a second plate and probably putting a little of the sides on the second one instead of literally splitting it down the middle?

Re: Why a second plate charge? - DFen911 - 12-21-2013

That I can understand, but I got charged $2 to just bring me an extra plate. I about flipped my lid.

Re: Why a second plate charge? - Cubangirl - 12-21-2013

I had crab cakes with salad and a side at Legal Seafoods. So did my daughter. We each used our bread plates to give Joel our salads. The waiter offered to bring us plates since we were talking about sharing while ordering. BTW, meal was wonderful and so was service.

Re: Why a second plate charge? - iBcookin - 12-23-2013

I think a lot of this stems from restaurant policy, not so much the extra plate, as much as expecting the back of the house to split the entrée, and then garnish with extras. Kid you not, one day Patty came back to me with and order to split a club sandwich and fries four ways, on separate plates. From the back of the house point of view, I was livid, literally counted out the 4 French fries each of them got with their quarter sandwich!

I expect that I will stir up a hornets nest, but from a server's point of view, we would cringe when a group of Red Hat Ladies would grace us with their lunch. Sorry if I am offending anyone, and the generalization was not always accurate, but probably 90% of the time. Inevitably, Mildred would split the sandwich with Sallie down at the other end of the table, and Mildred would like hers on toasted wheat, no mayo, please, and Sallie wants hers not toasted and can she have lettuce and tomato, extra mayo. And would you split an order of fries and a piece of pie, and of course the check. And then they would sit for the next 3 hours, drink lots of tea and coffee for the free refills and eventually haggle over the 10% tip they were going to leave.

If you are just bringing a plate, I would never charge a plate fee, but I was sorely tempted when I had to prepare 4 plates 'cause they all just wanted a taste!

Re: Why a second plate charge? - cjs - 12-23-2013

I'm with you all the way, Linda - empty extra plate is one thing, the rest is bull---------------