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Thursday's Dinner, 12/19/13?? - cjs - 12-19-2013

What's on everyone's menu for today??

I have turkey wings thawing out that I may put in the turkey fryer, but I also have the leftover 'goodies' from the antipasto salad for pizza.

And, darn Labs - he's got me wanting to make some appies just for fun!!

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 12/19/13?? - Mare749 - 12-19-2013

I'm baking cookies today, so dinner will be quick and easy. Probably some frozen raviolis with marinara and a salad on the side.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 12/19/13?? - karyn - 12-19-2013

Pizza here. I forgot to pull the dough out of the freezer to thaw last night, so it's thawing on the kitchen counter. I hope that works! I'm not sure what toppings yet.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 12/19/13?? - Trixxee - 12-19-2013

Definitely something with chicken. I was thinking Chicken Diane but realize we don't have any brandy so I'll copy Blane's dinner from the other night- chicken with almond butter sauce. We are really low on vegetables so it might be another round of roasted carrots and red potatoes.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 12/19/13?? - Harborwitch - 12-19-2013

Tonight is going to be the crab feast. Fresh cracked Dungennese Crab, garlic butter, sourdough bread, and perhaps a cucumber salad. A nice white wine is waiting to be chosen to go with this festive feast.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 12/19/13?? - cjs - 12-19-2013

Trout with Denise last night; crab with Sharon tonight.......

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 12/19/13?? - luvnit - 12-19-2013

Went to Sam's today to stock up on a few things. I ended up getting some frozen Raybern's Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. I have heard they were phenomenal. I hope they are.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 12/19/13?? - DFen911 - 12-19-2013

Schlemmertopf pesto chicken. I love the clay cooker more than my crock pot

[Image: chicken_155.jpg]

I won't be doing the whole chicken. Just the breasts. Then I'll use the legs and thighs in a different recipe tomorrow.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 12/19/13?? - Mare749 - 12-19-2013

I'm jealous of of your roaster, Denise! That is going on my endless wish list. Been wanting wanting one for a long time.

Dinner tonight is Olive Garden Zuppa. I got in a cooking mood, so will save the raviolis for another night when we meed something quick.

Karyn, congratulations to your son! I meant to post that yesterday.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 12/19/13?? - cjs - 12-19-2013

Yes, Karyn!! Me too, Maryann. Congratulations and what a free feeling to not have the school expenses any longer!!

Played with the turkey fryer again today - just love that thing!

First of all cooked turkey wings in turkey fryer, seasoned with salt, white pepper, gran. garlic, & smoked paprika) for 1 hour and the skin was so crispy we could hardly stay out of it.

Made semi-quasi Taco salads with turkey mixed with l/o barley risotto (weird, I know but it was tasyty ), lettuce gr. onions tomatoes, jalapenos, Jack cheese and chunky salsa. So tasty.

[Image: Dec19TurkeyFryerWings_zps6efd0cf0.jpg]

[Image: Dec19TurkeyTacos_zps7e007038.jpg]

Have any of you seen this new (to me anyway) soft taco shell??'n-Stuff-Soft-Taco/7097F3F0-8B09-469E-8F6D-465770CD6BDA