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OT-Request - Gourmet_Mom - 12-14-2013

For positive thoughts and prayers. William had a mild heart attack late last night. They placed two stints in and he seems fine. The nurse said the area of the heart he had his was the best area of the three possible areas.

Re: OT-Request - DFen911 - 12-14-2013

OMG Daphne!! Sending all my thoughts and mojo your way! Please keep us posted!!!!!

Re: OT-Request - cjs - 12-14-2013

Trying to send a message while driving and having signal problems is a pain!

Daphne,I'm so sorry to hear this news about William. I hope it will turn out to be a wonderful signal for him as it was with/for me. Right off the bat I suggest gettingthebook "Don't Eat Your Heart Out." He has two books and I'll get the other one for you two.

Hang in there - Williamwill be better than ever! And, I'm so glad Andrew is there for support.

I'll call you as soon as we land!

Re: OT-Request - losblanos1 - 12-14-2013

Positive thoughts and prayers to you and William.

Re: OT-Request - Trixxee - 12-14-2013

I'm so sorry to hear that Daphne! Heart Healthy thoughts going straight to you both!

Re: OT-Request - BarbaraS - 12-14-2013

Daphne!! My thoughts ad prayers are with you!!


Re: OT-Request - Cubangirl - 12-14-2013

Thinking of both of you and hoping for an easy recovery.

Re: OT-Request - luvnit - 12-14-2013

Oh Daphne! Of course thoughts and prayers for William are on the way! Oh my goodness. So glad he is okay, and hope he has a speedy recovery.

Re: OT-Request - mjkcooking - 12-14-2013

Wishing a speedy recovery and smooth sailing.

Happy thoughts and prayers coming your way

My husband has had 3stints put in since he retired and has done very well "


Re: OT-Request - Gourmet_Mom - 12-14-2013

Thank you everyone! He really is recovering to get past the confinement without driving me crazy!

Jean, thanks for the book suggestions. I'm sorry I missed your call. My phone was on silent. When I realized you called, I was in a restaurant and couldn't return it. I will try to catch you tomorrow after they move him to a regular room.