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Boston Butts? - Gourmet_Mom - 12-11-2013

William usually only does one at a time, but he's doing two tonight for a church gathering. Does he time it out by the total weight of the two or just by the largest one?

Re: Boston Butts? - cjs - 12-11-2013

IMO, if there Is large difference in weight, I'd just time them individually and remove the smallest one when done.

darn, I think I'm over thinking this one. If you're looking for pulled, I'd go with the largest - but then you don't want to dry the smallest out, either.

Geez,maybe someone else can answer you better - I'm not sure what he's doing with them

Re: Boston Butts? - Harborwitch - 12-11-2013

We have a dual probe - and Bob puts a probe in each. That way we can pull the smaller one when it's ready and let the larger one cook longer. Works for us - especially if you have two different meats - chicken on the bottom that needs to come to a higher temp than something else on the top shelf.

Other than that . . . I guess it depends on the size dif. as Jean said.

Re: Boston Butts? - Gourmet_Mom - 12-11-2013

Sorry, he is doing Carolina chopped BBQ like my daddy always did. They are about the same size, so we'll just hit it in the middle and fork tender and at temp. Thanks you guys!