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Tortellini Alfredo Review - cjs - 12-11-2013

For anyone ON THE ROAD or At Home (busy folks), this is a great idea for a fast yummy dinner. And, the nice thing I didn't add any onion, garlic or spiciness to it and it was just a wonderful creamy cheesey dish.

[Image: oln5.jpg]

12 oz. Tortellini or Tortelloni
10 oz. container Giovanni Rana Alfredo Sauce (yes, it's a commercial sauce)
4 T. milk
6 oz. (~3/4 cup) cooked meat/poultry - I used duck, but turkey, chicken, pork can be used (especially if it has been cooked with good flavorings)
a green veggie addition: peas, fresh or frozen spinach, artichoke hearts, green beans, etc. (I used peas)
3 oz. (3/4 cup) shredded Mozzarella and/or Gruyere cheese (can use Fontina, gouda, Manchego, or a Jack)
1 1/2 Tablespoons seasoned bread crumbs or Panko

Prepare the tortellini 1 minute less than package instructions. When done, drain.

In the same pot the pasta was cooked in, combine the Alfredo sauce and milk; add the drained tortellini, meat, green vegetable and cheese. Combine well and pour into an oiled casserole dish and top with bread crumbs.

Bake at 325°F for 20 to 25 minutes uncovered. If made ahead, remove from refrigerator, let stand for 15 minutes, then proceed with the baking for 25 to 30 minutes.
Let rest 10 minutes before serving.

Re: Tortellini Alfredo Review - Trixxee - 12-11-2013

Yum! Adding a good quality diced ham or some crispy proscuitto would work. I have done a tortellini/alfredo with ham, peas and asparagus and we were licking the bowls.

Re: Tortellini Alfredo Review - BarbaraS - 12-11-2013

And yet another great dinner recipe!! I never thought about pairing Alfredo sauce with tortellinis. I can see adding some ham and extra cheese, too.

This one's on my Sunday night dinner list! Thanks Jean!!


Re: Tortellini Alfredo Review - cjs - 12-11-2013

Yes, that's a pretty classic pairing, Trixxee - we love that.

You're welcome, Barbara hope you like it.

Re: Tortellini Alfredo Review - Harborwitch - 12-11-2013

Jean that sounds awesome. Perhaps that should go on Bob's list for the nights I work.

Sadly we have so little fridge space early prep is hard to do. So it's all on him.

Re: Tortellini Alfredo Review - Gourmet_Mom - 12-11-2013

That looks awesome! Copied and saved! Sent it to my girls, also! Thanks!

Re: Tortellini Alfredo Review - cjs - 12-12-2013

You're welcome, Daphne. We have the same problem with the fridge size, Sharon, but this small container is perfect for trailer.

Re: Tortellini Alfredo Review - Mare749 - 12-12-2013

Sounds delicious, Jean. Quick too. Sometimes I like mushrooms in alfredo sauce also.

Re: Tortellini Alfredo Review - cjs - 12-12-2013

yes! In fact, I think this is really a 'clean the fridge' tortellini dish.