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LORRAINE! (& others) - cjs - 03-19-2013

Check out the latest Plate newsletter -

Elk Poutine

Kentucky poutine

Spring vegetarian poutine with fresh spring peas, black trumpet mushrooms and dill b├ęchamel

Station Street poutine

and to top it all off -

Kim chi French fries

Re: LORRAINE! (& others) - luvnit - 03-19-2013

What is poutine?

I love Kim Chi! Craved it during my first pregnancy. I'd eat it in the morning, get up in the middle of the night and sneak a bite. Love it!

Now I am off to the interweb find out what Poutine is...


For instance, more upscale poutine with three-pepper sauce, Merguez sausage, foie gras or even caviar and truffle can be found.[14] Some variations eliminate the cheese, but most francophone Quebecers would call such a dish a "frite sauce" ("french fries with sauce") rather than poutine. Shawinigan and some other regions have Patate-sauce-choux where shredded raw cabbage replaces cheese. Fast food combination meals in Canada often have the option of getting french fries "poutinized" by adding cheese curds (or shredded cheese in the Prairies and Western Canada) and gravy.

Very interesting excerpt from Wikipeda. Yum, I'd sure give it a try! Looks good. I love that at McD's you can get your fries 'pountinized'! That's great!

Re: LORRAINE! (& others) - Harborwitch - 03-19-2013

We were going to make it with Francois - but he said the cheese curds we got in Oakdale were not the "right" kind of curds. Sigh - I haven't seen them here - but I've seen some amazing poutine recipes and can't wait to try it.

Re: LORRAINE! (& others) - pjcooks - 03-19-2013

I think I've mentioned this before, being so close to the Canadian border, poutine is still on a lot of menus here, NH has a huge French Canadian population. In fact, Picky is half French Canadian and half Portuguese.

The spring veg poutine was in the last issue, I think. One of these days I'll round up some bodies, any bodies, and try this one! Off to check out the newsletter, I acually have a local source for elk!


Re: LORRAINE! (& others) - labradors - 03-19-2013


What is poutine?

The most basic definition is French fries topped with cheese curds and the whole thing covered in brown gravy.

Re: LORRAINE! (& others) - Lorraine - 03-19-2013

Thanks, Jean! I got it this morning, and he sent me the link twice (do you think he wants me to make it??/ Labs is bang on the mark, that is the traditional Poutine in Quebec. Now, they seem to want to top it with anything, including spaghetti, certainly not my choice. But, I am game to try a lot of things. Sharon, he's right about the cheese curds. They should be so fresh, that they squeak when you bite into them. a little restaurant opened across the street from us. They have Short Rib Poutine as an appetizer. At $10.00 a serving, a bit high for me for an app. But, Jean, we will be looking at some of those from Plate! Thanks for starting this thread!