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Florida - here we are - cjs - 02-10-2013

And it is 7 degrees!!! Gorgeous

FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! It is 70°

Re: Florida - here we are - Trixxee - 02-10-2013

Are you kidding? 7? It's very cold here too, for us, but not quite that bad.

Re: Florida - here we are - Mare749 - 02-10-2013

That's probably some kind of record for Florida.

Re: Florida - here we are - Gourmet_Mom - 02-10-2013

Have fun in the sun, Jean!

Re: Florida - here we are - Roxanne 21 - 02-10-2013

Is it snowing????

Re: Florida - here we are - luvnit - 02-10-2013

That is funny Jean, I really thought it was 7 degrees and felt bad for you and Roy.

Re: Florida - here we are - foodfiend - 02-12-2013

Hey! It was 63 here yesterday! But, Jean, it probably is still around 70 where you are, and we dipped to 39...
Enjoy the balminess!

Re: Florida - here we are - cjs - 02-13-2013

Grazed around the little town of Carrabelle yesterday - some very tasty foods and some not so.....

The fried okra (at 2-Als) was just delicious and Roy is now a convert; buffalo wings very tasty and the filling for the eggrolls was wonderful, but the wrapper was just awful (at the Crooked River Grill)– doughy and too thick. The Key Lime pie was outstanding!!

But, before we left, I got some bread done - I just love the way Pillsbury Biscuits hold up in sandwiches and 18 hour bread
[Image: Feb1218-hourandSandwichbuns_zps203d189e.jpg]

[Image: Feb122-AlsattheBeach_zpsf8428efe.jpg]

[Image: Feb12FriedOkraat2-Als_zpscdeb1a1e.jpg]

[Image: Feb12BuffaloWings_zps54caa38c.jpg]

[Image: Feb12SouthwestEggrolls2_zpsad42f080.jpg]

[Image: Feb12KeyLimePieatCrookedRiverGrill_zpsbda829f2.jpg]

Re: Florida - here we are - Lorraine - 02-13-2013

At 7 degrees, I was feeling sorry for them also. The fried okra looks great!

Re: Florida - here we are - Trixxee - 02-13-2013

Looks great! (But you can make 18 hour bread from biscuits?) How?