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Re: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow... - cjs - 08-26-2011

Yes, Barbara. But, they are so comfy, the cats may take them over for their naps...

Re: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow... - Cubangirl - 08-29-2011

I had typed a long post while on the road, but somehow lost it (again!). Anyway, I have the long gel pro mat running the long side of the kitchen from savory prep, sink to Cuisinart area. Love it. It has made a huge difference for me in reducing back and leg aches. I wish I could fit a small over stove, but don't have enough room without overlapping, so I move the long one a bit so I can stand on it if I am going to be at the stove itself for a while.

I waited a while, and wished I'd gotten it earlier once I did. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond using the 20% off coupons that you get in the mail or the Sunday paper. Costco had some here, but they were brown and I need black. Super easy to clean, I use my favorite stick Eureka on the same setting as I use for the tile floor. If I spill, I just wipe with a paper towel. It has been down to for about 5 years and still looks new. It is heavy, which is good as it will not slide easily, but I can still easily lift it to clean under it or if I spill water from the sink and want to make sure it is dry underneath. I highly recommend it.

BTW, I also now make it a point now to wear my crocs (sandals in the summer, fleece lined in the winter) while prepping. The extra cushion also helps (I even put my orthotics on them when I know I am going to be on my feet for a couple of hours at a time). Getting old is a pita, but the gel mat and the crocs really help, and the alternative is not so good.

Re: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow... - cjs - 08-29-2011

I agree, crocs are great for cooking all day!!

Re: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow... - Lorraine - 08-29-2011

We had a 10 hr prep day Friday. By mid afternoon, I wonderede why me feet and legs were sore. Well, Thursday he took my mat outside to wash, left it there to dry, and forgot to bring it in. What a difference it makes. I wish I could wear crocs, but they don't have a high enough arch for me.

Re: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow... - cjs - 08-29-2011

Couldn't you try one of those inserts, Lorraine?? What a difference they make.

Re: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow... - Lorraine - 08-29-2011

He usees the inserts in his crocs, ands loves them. Just not enough support for me. I bought a great pair of shoes from ChefWear, but they squeak, and it drives him crazy in the kitchen. Bought a pair of clogs online, but the sole is wood, not good for a commercial kitchenwhen you are standing for hours (they sure look great though!!!) Found a brand new pair of clogs at the thrift store. $2.00. They are fabulous!!!!!

Re: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow... - Trixxee - 08-29-2011

Has anyone tried the Super Feet inserts sold at REI? They've done wonders for my son's plantar faciitis.

Re: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow... - esgunn - 08-30-2011

Trixxee, I use them in my workout shoes. I was having a hard time with a bunion (big toe joint) Between the superfeet and getting expensive good shoes every 6 months, it has really helped.

Flip side, Steve tried them and the he has a forward and high arch. They just wouldn't fit his feet.

Re: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow... - farnfam - 08-31-2011

When you all decide which is the one you like best, please post a link. I went to Amazon and just got confused Which probbly shouldn't surprise me
I need Black or Red (if they have it) I'm going to need three as my kitchen work spaces kind of make a triangle from counter, to island to stove

RE: Those Gel Mats For Your Kitchen Floor - Old Bay - 02-21-2019

We have one..The best thing I can say is that it is very comfortable to work on.  It was worth it to me.  The biggest  problem is that it is easy to trip over, so be careful.