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Banana Creme Pie - mjkcooking - 03-01-2011

Hi Everyone
a question didn't we have someone who posted a Banana Creme Pie recipe?

I have looked in the search area - and can't seem to come up with anything
( I hated it when this Search Button is smarter than me.)

If you have a good /great recipe could you please post it.



Re: Banana Creme Pie - chef_Tab - 03-01-2011

The only one I have made is by Emeril Lagasse and it has been well received. I can post the link, or you can just google it. I get so many requests for the recipe when I do make it.

Re: Banana Creme Pie - luvnit - 03-01-2011

I always make my MIL's recipe. I will drop by and post it later. It is very good. I make a lot of pies. Making pies is a dying art I think. Nobody ever makes pies anymore. The ones you get in the store are simply sad.

Nothing like a good pie to cheer someone up!

Re: Banana Creme Pie - HomeCulinarian - 03-01-2011

There is a banana creme pie in the first issue... our favorite! I don't have time right now to input it, but can later tonight. It's got a chocolate cookie crust and white chocolate mousse topping. Yummy!

Re: Banana Creme Pie - cjs - 03-01-2011

Jean, get away from this thread.....

Re: Banana Creme Pie - labradors - 03-01-2011

A while back, I posted the White Chocolate Banana Cream Pies recipe from Food & Wine. As Jeanette mentioned, issue #1 of C@H also had White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie, but I've never actually seen that recipe since, for me, the F&W recipe that I use is the tried-and-true, VERY reliable recipe that I have made a LOT over many years and, EVERY time I have taken it somewhere (church, office, friends), I have ALWAYS gotten at least one request for the recipe and, more often than not, I have also had people ask, "Could I pay you and have you make one of those for me?" (which I HAVE done, when requested).

Re: Banana Creme Pie - mjkcooking - 03-02-2011

Thanks everyone for your input I will start with Labs Pie and then

make Theresa's suggestion

Will let you know how we come out with these - Thanks for you time