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Smoked Olive oil - piano226 - 01-07-2011

Since I am a freak for new things, I could not resist and bought a bottle of the Sonoma Smoked Olive oil. Received it yesterday. Did not use it yet but I did open it and can totally tell how good it would be on roasted vegetables. Has a very slight smoke smell and taste. Can's wait to use it.

Re: Smoked Olive oil - DFen911 - 01-07-2011

Well now I want to know if I could make that in my smoker

Jean what do you think?

Re: Smoked Olive oil - labradors - 01-07-2011

Hmm.. I'm wondering how you would accomplish that without setting the whole thing ablaze.

Re: Smoked Olive oil - cjs - 01-07-2011

I was thinking of infusing some in warm olive oil, but I think I'll just buy some....

Hurry up and use some, Marina!!

Re: Smoked Olive oil - Harborwitch - 01-07-2011

Jean - what are you going to infuse in the olive oil??? I'm still in my jammies and brain is not working.

Re: Smoked Olive oil - piano226 - 01-07-2011

Could not resist using it...butternut squash in the oven as we speak...stay tuned to the review.

Re: Smoked Olive oil - DFen911 - 01-07-2011

Well if you smoke it at 225 it won't ignite. You'd just have to stir it frequently to get the smokey flavor all through it.

Smoke point is about 400 degrees so the flash point would be much higher. But I also can't see running my smoker that long for just olive oil and if I were to do some meat at the same time the temperature would be going up and down every time I open the door to stir the oil.

Re: Smoked Olive oil - Harborwitch - 01-07-2011

Don't you have to open the door to add more chips??? If you don't have to I want to know what kind of smoker you have. I think the next time Joan and I smoke some cheese I'll try it! Her smoker is electric and really holds the heat well.

Re: Smoked Olive oil - piano226 - 01-07-2011

OK...butternut squash is out....drizzled smoked olive oil and some salt...All i can say this can be a new addiction. The flavor is soooooo wonderful. You have to love smoked flavor though, it is very distinct and very powerful and I only added about a tablespoon or so.

Have to order two more bottles and give them to my daughters to take to Buenos Aires.

This will make a great gift for a foodie.

Re: Smoked Olive oil - DFen911 - 01-07-2011

I do but it's just a small door at the bottom. I never have to open the big door.

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