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Malbec - labradors - 12-09-2010

Okay, all you wine connoisseurs out there, what do you think of Malbec?

Although I had heard of it, I had never tried it, but the supermarket has some good prices on a number of wines, right now, and I got a bottle of Cassilero del Diablo Malbec, yesterday, at $8.95 instead of $13.50.

Despite my palate for discerning spices in foods, I've never been very good at identifying flavour profiles of wines, but this Malbec gave me very distinct impressions of plums and black pepper that I liked very much.

Considering this newly discovered (or newly enhanced) to notice these components in wine, I waited a bit, then tasted some of the Torres Coronas Tempranillo, and was reminded of blackberries and vanilla.

After these experiments, I read the labels on the bottles and some information from the Web, and was surprised how close I was. Interestingly, the bottle of Tempranillo said PLUMS and vanilla, while the bottle of Malbec said "dark fruits" and "a touch of pepper and vanilla." On other other hand, various web sources DID mention blackberries for the Tempranillo and plums for the Malbec.

Either way, it was fascinating to have tried this and, even though I think I like the Malbec more than the Tempranillo, I like the Tempranillo, now, better than when I had first tried it.

So, I've heard you all mention Tempranillo many times, but what are your thoughts about Argentine Malbec?

Re: Malbec - cjs - 12-09-2010

Argentine Malbec is good and Spanish Tempranillos are probably the best, but the U.S. is really doing some great ones (both).

All my wine notes/books are at home so can't talk much from the top of my head, 'cause you know my memory. But, I'm sure Bill will be on as soon as he sees thread title and add to the discussion.

Good on you for branching out, Labs.

Re: Malbec - labradors - 12-09-2010

Oh, I never need any encouragement to branch out. I love it. Usually, money, time or both work against me for some types of experimentation, though.

Re: Malbec - Old Bay - 12-09-2010

Labs, my palate is not that discerning--I can pick up blackberry, otherwise it's just berry; I can detect kiwi and grapefruit and "fruit", vanilla, tobacco, "barnyard" (not really in a bad way), cat pee (sauvignon blanc), tannin and "smooth tannins". Malbec is Argentina's claim to fame--we love it--great with red meat--I find it bold and rich--Norton makes several really good Malbecs---I've never drank an expensive one.

Tempranillo is at its best when called Rioja, from Spain. It is Spains signiture red. Most of the time it is reasonably priced. I find it lighter than Malbec and more versatile in pairings. I pick up blackberries in Malbec and just "berry" in Tempranillo.

Try some Conche e Torro cabernet sauvignon from Chile--to experience tannin, blackberry and richness--very reasonably priced also. Great with beef. Glad you are experimenting!!!

Re: Malbec - DFen911 - 12-09-2010

I just started buying Malbec's. The best I've had so far were from Argentina. To me it has the sweetness of a Zin with the robust flavors or a good Cab.

Re: Malbec - Gourmet_Mom - 12-09-2010

"To me it has the sweetness of a Zin with the robust flavors or a good Cab." Well that means I have GOT to try this one!

Re: Malbec - chef_Tab - 12-09-2010

Some time you may also want to try a Carmenere. I think it tastes just that much better than the Malbecs I have had.

Re: Malbec - Gourmet_Mom - 12-09-2010

And the list for the wine shop grows longer....LOL! Thanks, Theresa!

Re: Malbec - labradors - 12-09-2010

Thanks for all the comments. I'll have to see if any of the Carmenere is on sale and give it a try.