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Poaching eggs - labradors - 07-05-2010

On one of the El Gourmet shows, today, the host poached some eggs by lining ramekins with plastic wrap, lightly spraying the plastic with something like Pam, breaking the eggs into the ramekins, gathering up and tying the ends of the plastic wrap (so that each egg was in its own, individual "bag"), then cooking them in simmering water. They came out beautifully, without the irregular shape of most poached eggs and without having to add any vinegar to the water.

Have any of you seen or used this method before? What do you think of it?

Re: Poaching eggs - chef_Tab - 07-05-2010

I have not seen this before, but it reminds me of those omelets cooked in ziplocs. I am just wary of cooking in plastic in general. My health is more important to me than a pretty egg. Not to mention the environmental impact.

Re: Poaching eggs - cjs - 07-05-2010

Nope, I've never done eggs this way - the only thing I've ever cooked in platic wrap is poaching some sausages wrapped with plastic wrap.

Re: Poaching eggs - esgunn - 07-05-2010

I wonder if it is sort of the same as these. I have never used or seen them used but I have seen them in the stores. For the longest time I didn't even know what they were.