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? about pounding steak - foodfiend - 06-21-2010

Because I don't have one, can I use a hammer in place of a meat mallet to flatten the flank steak for the Two-Cheese Braciole? A regular ol' hammer, or a rubber mallet? Wrapped in protective plastic, of course. I use a hammer, pounding with the side of the hammer head, to flatten chicken but I was thinking that beef may be tougher.

Re: ? about pounding steak - Gourmet_Mom - 06-21-2010

I'd do it just like you do your chicken, Vicci. Whatever works. I'd be afraid to do the head of the hammer or mallet for fear of tearing or getting it unevenly tenderized. I've found that a small (heavy) skillet works best if I don't have my meat mallet. If you've got a small cast iron skillet or even an omelet pan would work....just would take longer.

Re: ? about pounding steak - pjcooks - 06-21-2010

Vicci, I bought a rubber mallot at my hardware store, ran it through the dishwasher and use it only for pounding. Since I always pound between sheets of Saran or something, I think I'm covered. Has a lot of heft, and none of that silliness of one side of the lightweight pounder or the other, that piece of equipment made it to the trash pretty quickly.

Hope this helps!


Re: ? about pounding steak - foodfiend - 06-21-2010

Thanks, I'll let you all know how it turns out!

Re: ? about pounding steak - cjs - 06-22-2010

I use a rubber mallet as PJ does.

Re: ? about pounding steak - DFen911 - 06-22-2010

I make my butcher do it That's why they have those fancy machines in the back